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Spine and Sports Medicine Associates of Connecticut

Spine and Sports Medicine Associates is a progressive physical medicine and rehab clinic serving the greater Hartford area since 1997. Our office is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation of spine conditions, auto and work related injuries as well as sports injuries. Spine and Sports Medicine Associates offer a wide range of treatment options specifically tailored to your personal needs using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure a successful and speedy outcome.

Dr. Stephen R. Pedro, DC

Dr. Pedro is a board certified chiropractic physician as well as the co-owner and president of Spine and Sports Medicine Associates, a division of Comprehensive Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, PC. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Quinnipiac University in 1992, Dr. Pedro went on to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Cum Laude from New York College of Chiropractic in 1995.

Dr. Pedro has 15 years of clinical experience working in an orthopedic, sports medicine and rehabilitation setting, and has had the pleasure of participating in the treatment of over 10,000 patients including many competitive high school, college and professional athletes. Dr. Pedro has obtained extensive post-graduate education in radiology, orthopedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation and is in the process of obtaining his status as a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA and corrective exercise specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Dr. Pedro is one of only a few providers in central Connecticut that is fully certified and credentialed in Active Release Techniques(ART), the gold standard in soft-tissue treatment, and is part of the treatment team for the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. Dr. Pedro is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the North American Spine Society.

Dr. Pedro practices according to evidence-based guidelines and stays current on all research as it pertains to the treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Pedro employs a unique combination of cutting-edge manual techniques, specific functional rehabilitation and sports performance. He requires all his patients to take an active approach in their healthcare. He works closely with local medical physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers as well as strength and running coaches in order to achieve the best clinical outcomes.

Dr. Pedro resides in West Hartford with his wife Catherine, and his two children, Sophia and Christian.

Dr. Ralph Cardia DC

Dr. Cardia is one of the treating chiropractic physicians and co-owner of Comprehensive Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, DBA Spine & Sports Medicine Associates. He is a licensed chiropractic physician who graduated from New York Chiropractic College, Cum Laude, in 1995 and has been practicing in the state of Connecticut since 1995. Dr. Cardia is a member of the American Chiropractic Association. He attended undergraduate at Iona College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a strong emphasis in the sciences.

Dr. Cardia has 15 years of clinical experience utilizing an evidence based medicine, functional and multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. He has a diverse clinical approach by combining spinal mobilization techniques, physical rehabilitation and soft tissue techniques. Through his ongoing post-graduate training he has extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of both pre and post surgical conditions including the spine and extremities. He holds particular interest in rotator-cuff and labrum repair rehabilitation, ACL/PCL repair rehabilitation, including knee reconstruction and disc herniations. Dr. Cardia is an avid runner, marathoner, ice hockey and soccer player which has given him extensive insight in the treatment of athletes and a multitude of injuries. He understands the importance of a safe and rapid return to optimal function for both the general population and athletes at all different levels.

Dr. Cardia is an active community member in Avon, coaching both soccer and ice hockey.


  • We specialize in the treatment of:

  • Acute and Chronic Neck and Low back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Accident & Work-related injuries
  • Degenerative disc disease and Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries
  • Running injuries (IT band syndrome, shin splints, runners knee)
  • Repetitive Overuse Injuries (Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow)
  • Muscle strains/pulls
  • Tendinitis/Bursitis
  • Post-surgical rehab
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome
  • Plantar Fascitis